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Technical Data

At a time when energy costs are soaring, it makes more sense to spend money on a safer, longer lasting, and more energy efficient home than to spend that same money on utility bills. Depending on the climate, ICF Block homeowners enjoy up to 70% savings in heating and/or cooling costs!

Expanded Polystyrene density

1.5lbs/cu.ſt. (25kgs/m³)

Average thickness of EPS

2.5"(6.35cm)/ panel (5" (12.7cm)total

Steady State R-value (foam)

R-21(U-Value 0,27 W/m²K)

Effective R-value (concrete, form, air infiltration, and thermal mass)

R-24 to R-50 (U-Value 0,23 W/m²K -U-Value 0,11 W/m²K)


U-Value 0,23 W/m²K -U-Value 0,11 W/m²K

Actual R-value

4.4 (1,3 W/m²) Per inch of EPS

Thermal Mass (form & concrete)

6" (15,24cm) core:72lbs/32.6kgs sq.ſt.
8” (20,32cm) core:96lbs/43,5kgs sq.ſt.


.24 Per inch of EPS

Water absorption

Less than 3% (ASTM C272)

Water vapor

0.56 perms per 2.5"(6,35cm)

Sound class

STC Sound Class rating of 54 with 1/2-inch sheet rock both sides
STC Sound Class rating of 51 with 1/2-inch sheet rock one side

Fire wall

Fire wall rating 5,000 to 12,000 lbs per lineal foot for 3 hours

Concrete compressive strength

3000 psi (206 bar)

Concrete pouring temperature

Down to 0°F (-18°C)


Insulating Concrete Forms

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