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Why choose ICF?

Design Freedom

In addition to the many ICF home plans now available virtually any home plan can be adopted for ICF Blocks. Also, because of the innate flexibility of the foam material you can have unique footprints, arches, angles and curves as part of your design. Exterior walls can be finished with brick, stucco or siding.

Quiet Comfort

75% less outside air infiltrates a ICF Block home

• Stable room temperatures
• No hot spots, no cold draſts
• Greatly reduced pollen, allergens and dust
ICF homes are 3 times quieter than wood frame homes.

Safe & Sound

ICF Blocks create a monolithic concrete wall that is 10 times stronger than a woodframe wall. ICF Block homes can withstand hurricane and tornado strength winds and are fire and earthquake resistant.


Insulating Concrete Forms

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